Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Belgian Martyr

Well, he's not dead........yet.

The new archbishop of Brussels, Andre-Joseph Leonard, is being targeted by homosexualist groups, and has been condemned by the country's prime minister, after he said that AIDS is a consequence of risky sexual behavior, including homosexual sexual activity.

Homosexualist groups have accused Archbishop Leonard of "homophobia," after he pointed out in a book released in October that "AIDS at the beginning multiplied through sexual behaviour with all sorts of partners or else through anal rather than vaginal sexual rapports."

"When you mistreat the environment it ends up mistreating us in turn," he continued. "And when you mistreat human love, perhaps it winds up taking vengeance."

"All I'm saying is that sometimes there are consequences linked to our actions. I believe this is a totally decent, honourable and respectable stance."

Well, that sort of stuff will not stand!

A lawyer acting on behalf of a homosexualist lobby group has filed a formal complaint against Leonard for "homophobic statements" and "violating an anti-discrimination law."

And predictably:

A group of academics at the notoriously liberal Catholic University of Louvain are circulating a petition calling for Leonard's resignation from his post as the university's chancellor, saying his remarks had brought "shame on the university.

Corragio, Your Excellency.

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GOR said...

That Ab. Leonard would have opposition was evident once his appointment was known. There was an online petition of support for him which garnered thousands of signatures. That needs to be followed up with thousands of prayers for him. He is a light in a very dark region.

Louvain's response was not unexpected either and it was probably one of the 'Catholic' universities Cardinal Burke was referring to recently when he talked about Catholics In Name Only.

Badger Catholic said...

God bless that man!