Monday, December 13, 2010

All It Takes Is a .270 Round, or Three

Mealtime for the coyotes.

Michelle Alar of the Acres of Hope & Aspirations ...wants Muskego residents to be on the alert for coyotes after the facility lost several therapy animals to coyote attacks recently.

She said she found five holes coyotes dug under an 8-foot wire fence surrounding the facility that provides a habitat for chickens, geese, ducks, peacocks, a rabbit, pot-bellied pigs, deer, a pony and cats. Members of the staff drove the coyotes off with ice picks and pitchforks.

Put your kittycat in the back yard on a well-staked leash. Load rifle with .270. Wait.

When coyote approaches for his next meal, ventilate coyote.

Wait for coyote's pal to show up, repeat .270 action.

Continue as required or until kittycat gets cold. Tomorrow's another day.


Grim said...

It's amazing how few people understand that simple recipe.

Anonymous said...

Instead of using Kittys, perhaps we should use politicians, and instead of ventilating coyotes we should ventalate the folks throwing money at the politicians trying to buy their votes?