Thursday, May 13, 2010

"YouCut" Suggestion

Well, neither RedState nor the Predictable Whining Lefty like the "YouCut" crap. The 'cuts' in Fed spending offered as sacrifices are not meaningful.

So, to honor the Predictable Whining Lefty's unhappiness with small cuts, I propose the following:

Cut out---zero out----delete---the entire US Department of Education.

The whole damn thing. Next year.

KaChing!! $62 Billion saved, plus $97 Billion of ARRA waste eliminated.


neomom said...

I commented on Cantor's page that they needed to completely eliminate Education, Commerce, Energy, Agriculture and Homeland Security.

We need a chainsaw, not a scalpel.

Think BIG, Mr. Cantor.

Grim said...

There's no path to solvency that doesn't require deep cuts in Medicare and/or Social Security. The numbers are implacable.