Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time for Cdl. O'Malley to Retire

Cdl. O'Malley was brought to Boston to repair the damage done by his predecessor's gross mismanagement and irresponsibility in dealing with utterly failing to deal with the attacks on boys by homosexual priests.

Perhaps he was right for that assignment, but the "Mr. Nice Guy" thing has its limits.

O'Malley's decision to not only allow a Catholic funeral for this country's leading abortion-facilitator, but to be PRESENT during the Mass for Ted Kennedy, was perhaps the most visible error of his career in Boston, but it was hardly the only one.

Now comes word that his Archdiocese will, nicely, 'accomodate' a pair of lesbians who want to send their (??) child to a Catholic school. Evidently Cdl. O'Malley doesn't read the news; only a few days ago, Benedict XVI said that:

“initiatives aimed at protecting the essential and primary values of life, beginning at conception, and of the family based on the indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman, help to respond to some of today’s most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good.

So O'Malley's Archdiocese is now 'assisting' a couple who are a part of a 'most insidious and dangerous threat to the common good.'

That threat was recognized by the Denver Archdiocese when they refused to admit a child in a similar situation.

Denver understands the term "common good."

“Most parents who send their children to Catholic schools want an environment where the Catholic faith is fully taught and practiced,” said Chaput. “That simply can’t be done if teachers need to worry about wounding the feelings of their students or about alienating students from their parents.”

That isn’t fair to anyone—including the wider school community."

It's nice to be the "nice guy." But it's not necessarily GOOD to the the "nice guy."

Perhaps it's time for Cdl. O'Malley to retire.


Al said...

I saw this myself last nite. wasn't surprized to see that the Boston Archdiocese was doing it. Disgusted? YES. Surprized? NO!

O'Malley seems to be trying to become the Mahony of the east coast. Unfortunately, he won't turn 75 until 2019.

Pat said...

Let the child into the school! Why punish a child for the sins of his parent? Are we so afraid of this little child that we'll shut him out of a quality Catholic education? Fear is a very unAmerican quality.

Amy said...

So, Pat, when talk of marriage being - according to the Catholic Church - between a man and a woman, what will happen to that child? Will this lesbian couple be okay with saying that their relationship is not a family, and is not a marriage?

Will they be able to sue? Remove their child from class? Work to remove that from the Catholic school curriculum?

I agree, in principle, that a child shouldn't be held accountable for the sins of the parent. However, in this litigious do you say it...political correctness uber alles culture, the Catholic Church must defend her teachings against an insidious world that holds her in the utmost contempt.

Dad29 said...

Pat, it's evident that you don't know too much about grade schools.

That child will be THE victim here, as soon as he gets to 6th grade and the other kids find out about his unusual parental (or whatever you call it) situation.

It will be merciless and lengthy.

Obviously, the kid is blameless--and your assumption that we have something against him is offensive and juvenile.

The Church cannot compromise on what marriage is, and that poor kid will be in the crosshairs.

Pat said...

Dad, you're wrong, the church does compromise. And Amy, you're not thinking. That school right now has students in it whose parents are divorced, not annulled, and remarried outside of the church. We can countenance those civil marriages and readily draw a distinction saying, while those marriages are offensive to our church, we allow those students to attend. Inconsistent, hypocritical and blatantly discriminatory. And Dad, you're the one being juvenile if you really tell yourself that you're protecting this kid from merciless bullying by denying him admission. Aren't you kind - just worried about the child. Baloney! Moreover, that's not your call to make. He will be fine. Again, more fear!!! And you're offended when I say that your fear is un-American and unmanly? Well, too bad. It is.

Dad29 said...

My, you're a judgmental sort of critter, Pat.

Isn't that a sin in your church?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is. But that doesn't address the issue. It attempts to deflect it. I'm listening . . . .