Saturday, May 01, 2010

Thinking Clearly About "Pro-Business" Awards

The Cato folks, aided by Tim Carney, question the ranking of Ron Paul by the Chamber of Commerce.

Paul was one of a handful of GOP lawmakers not to win the Chamber’s “Spirit of Enterprise Award.” He scored only a 67%, bucking the Chamber on five votes, including:

  • Paul opposed the “Solar Technology Roadmap Act,” which boosted subsidies for unprofitable solar energy technology.
  • Paul opposed the “Travel Promotion Act,” which subsidizes the tourism industry with a new fee on international visitors.
  • Paul opposed the largest spending bill in history, Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill.
IOW, voting AGAINST taxpayer subsidies of losing propositions is "anti-Enterprise."

Sure. Yah. Right.

Keep your eyes on the agendas, folks.

HT: The Agitator

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