Monday, May 17, 2010

"Think Progress" Morphing to "Think Regime"


Not all that much difference, I guess.

Think Progress
, the propaganda mill for the radical progressive left, is seeking to strip away the Constitutional rights of Americans by doing what they do best: engaging in deception and perversion of the facts to serve a anti-American political agenda.

Their latest attempt is to use the fear of terrorism (without, of course, naming Muslims as the primary cause of terrorism, as that would not be politically correct) to advocate for the government to have the power to strip away the right of American citizens and resident aliens to purchase and own firearms with nothing more than the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen.

The rag proposes using the "terror watch list" database as a screen for weapons-purchase authorization.

There IS a slight problem:

Keeping real suspected terrorists form obtaining weapons is an admirable goal, but the simple fact of the matter is that the terror watch lists are ever-expanding, bloated, inefficient, and arbitrary. Children, the elderly, actors, soldiers, and even some of our most famous politicians (including Ted Kennedy) have been placed on these hastily-constructed and poorly maintained terror watch lists, and once on them for whatever imagined offense, it is very difficult to get your name of of them [IIRC that list also included AlGore at one time.]

But "bloated, inefficient, and arbitrary" serves the purposes of any regime worth the name.

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Jim said...

to advocate for the government to have the power to strip away the right of American citizens

Where in the article you've linked to is there one word of advocacy for stripping away the right of a citizen. As I read it, Think Progress is simply reporting facts and not taking a position. They do report that a majority (82%) of NRA members and gun owners support keeping guns away from people on the terrorist watch list.