Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Suspected NYC Bomber a Registered Democrat? No

So I guess he didn't show up at any TEA Parties, eh?

Shahzad is a registered Democrat in the state of Connecticut who may be an Obama donor

He might be an Obama donor. But it may be hard to tell, given that Obama accepted about $150 million in contributions from foreign sources.

Gateway updates 5/6/10: Not a (D). Hates Bush, instead.

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J. Strupp said...

Who cares.

EnragedAmerican said...

Anyone with a brain cares.
TEA party members are regularly demonized in the press and by the administration as being racist, and potentially violent anti-Governmental zealots, yet as it turns out it's those who have "democrat" sympathies that are the ones who are prone to violence. That said, I'm glad they caught this guy before he could escape, and I hope they get some useful information from him so we might better defend ourselves from the attacks that are sure to be coming.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Yea, like we get any information from this guy.

Anonymous said...

So? In my state where an independent voter has no voting right in the primaries, one must vote either a republican or democrat ballot.
Dad29, let's hear from you something about what you do all day and how your contribution to society benefits yourself, your family, your community, your nation, for once. Please.

EnragedAmerican said...

My apologies, I forget sarcasm doesn't come across well in posts.
The likelihood of them even attempting to get information from this guy is almost nil at best, seeing as how this Administration is more inclined to kiss this guys behind rather than treat him as an enemy of America. Yep, keep bowing obama, you're getting closer every time.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Enraged American NAILED it, Struppster.

No one WOULD care if the democrats and the drive by media wouldn't have tried to paint the tea partiers as anti government zealots and home grown racist terrorists.

Billiam said...

Enraged, while I'd like to see the guy 'harshly' interrogated, he is a naturalized citizen. In this case, he has his rights. I know. The One would give anyone they caught those rights.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Well, actually Billiam, now that I think about it... Maybe because he has rights afforded to them, the Great O will ignore them. He does that for us, why not for him?

Now, if he didn't have any rights, then Obama would honor them.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Should read: "...he has rights afforded to him..."


J. Strupp said...


No one other than folks who go by the moniker, "neo-con" and "enraged" care.

It's not a story. Dadster posted this to evoke an emotional response from both sides.

You guys took the bait.

So again. Who cares.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Strupp, clearly you don't give a shit. Awesome. You are one cool guy.

Dad29 said...

Actually, Struppster, I posted that because a Lefty bunch trashed Santa Paula (CA) after the SiSePueda march there; a Lefty bunch beat the snot out of a counter-protester in SFO (same march in that city) etc., etc., etc.

Meantime, the Press conjures up dreams of TEA Party rampages, riots, and burnings--not to mention hangings and other mayhem.

We're just keeping score, here.

EnragedAmerican said...

Strup, go back to my original post. Obviously you do not fall into the category mentioned. Then again,...........I didn't assume you would.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Strupp, come on. I gave you more credit than your second response.

J. Strupp said...

"I posted that because a Lefty bunch trashed Santa Paula (CA) after the SiSePueda march there; a Lefty bunch beat the snot out of a counter-protester in SFO (same march in that city) etc., etc., etc."

So you posted this to get even. Whatever Dadster. You don't buy into this bullshit and neither do I.

Take the high road. No need to politicize this episode. I've now made 3 posts too many on this blog post.

alan said...

Actually, he wasn't a registered Democrat.

From your own source, GatewayPundit: "UPDATE: Shahzad is Bush-hater (not a democrat as previously reported)."

Now be a man and issue a retraction.