Thursday, May 13, 2010

Serious Breach From DeBruin?

This Milwaukee County mental-health thing gets deep, fast.

Following an article printed in the Milwaukee JS, another County Supervisor, Jursik, who was also present at the meeting emailed the reporter.

"...One problem: the meeting did not go down the way you reported it. I too was at the meeting. However, I do not have the agenda that the supervisors you confirmed the
story with have as their agenda.

"Lynn DeBruin's notes took comments out of context and rearranged the list of questions and answers to get a really awful result. John Chiannelli is not a person that believes you can trade women's safety for the need to control men's aggressiveness.

"In my opinion your story is libel."

There's more. The reporter emailed Jursik and asked for an on-the-record interview and got the following response:

This was a confidential meeting and involves confidential attorney/client privilege, I believe the client in this case is the Health and Human Needs committee. Until this committee waives their legal right to confidentiality, I will not talk to you.

I believe that the supervisors that did talk to you violated ethic standards and may have wrongly violated the committee's rights to receive information.

Well. There are at least two $Umpty-million lawsuit settlements in those emails.

Still like living in Milwaukee County?

Finally: mention today of letters of support for Chianelli signed by the entire Medical Staff Executive Committee of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division (signed by Christopher Ovide, medical staff president; Jon Berlin, medical director -crisis services;Thomas Harding, interim medical director, BHD; Dennis Kozel, medical director - child & adolescent services; David Macherey,medical staff vice president; Mary Kay Luzi, associate director of clinical operations; Dawn Puls, medical director -physical care service; Laura Riggle, chief psychologist.

None of them has been quoted in the paper.

Still like living in Milwaukee County?

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