Thursday, May 13, 2010

SCOTUS Nominee Kagan Likes Partial-Birth Abortions

Baseball and chopped-up babies. The Moloch-American gal.

No surprise, given the bloodthirst displayed by Obama in the Illinois legislature...

Contrary to media reports, a memo authored by Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for President Bill Clinton reveals that she actually helped the White House defeat a Congressional ban on partial-birth abortion in 1997, rather than upholding a pro-life position.

...President Clinton was in a political bind at the time: he had recently vetoed the popular Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, and a pro-life political groundswell was building to override the veto in Congress. While pro-life advocates had a two-thirds veto-proof majority in the House of Representatives to override Clinton’s veto, they were just a few Senators away from getting their two-thirds majority in the Senate.

In the memo Kagan and Reed wrote to the president, they advised Clinton to endorse a “compromise” partial birth abortion ban, known as the Daschle amendment. According to Johnson, the only reason Kagan suggested endorsing the measure was to avoid the veto override of the original ban.

November cannot possibly come soon enough. And even then, there may have to be cleanups in Aisle 5.


Anonymous said...

trust women. respect choice.

Badger Catholic said...

Kagan's a woman??