Sunday, May 09, 2010

Problems at the County Institutions

Egads. This article is enough to make someone puke.

Milwaukee County's top mental health administrator intentionally houses female patients with men known to be dangerous "because the presence of women reduces the likelihood of the men being violent," according to a county supervisor's letter obtained by the Journal Sentinel.

I'd be VERY interested in this guy's credentials.

But we find even more .......ahhhh........curious.....silliness.

Chianelli reviewed medical literature and found, "Going to gender-based units trades violence for sexual assaults."


We're not done yet.

According to De Bruin's letter and the remarks of other supervisors at the meeting, Chianelli told them that patients had a right to express themselves sexually. De Bruin agreed but said that right ends when they are placed in the county's acute psychiatric unit.


Is Ms. DeBruin contending that such "sexual expression" is licit while these folks are in the facility? Huh??

The Lefties want to make this into a "Walker Problem."

Maybe, maybe not; but there IS a problem.

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Deekaman said...

["What a horrendous thing to say," said Mary Neubauer, co-chairman of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force and the consumer representative on a county committee to study more effective ways to treat psychiatric patients. "John needs to apologize for those remarks to the whole community."]

Apologize? How about "resign"?