Monday, May 17, 2010

Politically Correct Miss USA Also a Pole-Dancer

The Miss USA (and Trump's Miss --whatever) contests are not my thing, but they are humorous.

The current Miss USA has a number of relatives who are reportedly VERY tight with Hezbollah and she is also a pole-dancer.

Let's hope the Hezbollah mullahs don't act according to Shari'a after examining the YouTube evidence of her pole-dancing championship form.

But that's not all. Apparently she opined that artificial birth-control is a "controlled substance" and ought to be paid for by medical insurance. (Another distinctly non-Muslim point of view.)

The first runner-up blew herself out of the competition by voicing careful and intelligent support for the Arizona immigrant law.

But after the judges carefully review the pole-dance tape (for academic reasons, of course) it may be that the NEXT Miss USA will be a supporter of border control.

Something the last 4 Presidents didn't figure out.


Michael J. Mathias said...

Pole dancer? She was probably hired for a GOP fundraiser. Or maybe an RNC staff birthday event.

Dan said...

Gee, Michael, she also could have been hired by Bill Clinton for some 1:1 consultation when Hillary is gone.

Dad29 said...

Yah, Michael, but I didn't think she lived in L A.

Tim Morrissey said...

A beauty queen using the phrase "States rights". Things ARE getting better in that microcosm.