Thursday, May 06, 2010

Laffer, Taxes, Spending, and TEA Parties

Lawler quotes with approval the following:

So, what should conservatives do? One, abjure magical thinking about tax cuts. Two, develop a rhetoric in which "spending" and "taxes" are synonyms, so a federal budget with $1 trillion in new spending means $1 trillion in new taxes - levies on Americans today or on our children tomorrow, with interest. Three, get a load of those tea-party yokels, with their funny hats and dysgraphic signage, and keep this in mind: They are opposed to the Democrats, but what they are really looking for is an alternative to the establishment Republicans, whom they distrust, with good reason, when it comes to the bottom-line question of balancing the budget and getting our fiscal affairs in good order.

That from Kevin Williamson in the Nat'l Review. Williamson is the "Managing Editor" of that publication.

Too bad that Williamson is a twit DC-circuit stenographer for Gummint Folks, eh? He could actually have a future as an Intellectualoid were it not for his reflexive snot-nose problem.

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J. Strupp said...

Except for the fact that Williamson wass mostly correct in his observations.

I'm just surprised he didn't get his ass fired from the Review for writing this piece. They don't like this kind of language over there usually.

Deekaman said...

He was spot on until he got to the "tea-party yokels".

We actually KNOW what we believe. I doubt he knows what HE believes.

J. Strupp said...

I actually agree with your statement Deek. I think the TeaParty folks are more interested in changing the spending side of the equation rather than supply side tax cuts and Laffer's curve.

Williamson went too far in that regard.