Saturday, May 08, 2010

It's In the Constitution, According to Obama

If QueenNancy of the Gulfstream-5 strikes you as disconnected, get a load of this:

"...the Federal government...has a responsibility to... [r]econnect Americans, especially children, to America's rivers and waterways, landscapes of national significance, ranches, farms and forests, great parks, and coasts and beaches."

That's our current President.

And there's more at the link.

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Jim said...

Why don't read the whole thing instead of someone's warped "interpretation"?

Then let me know if there's anything in it you would actually object to.

From Ace's site: He truly believes that the Federal Government needs to solve this problem.

Uh, actually not true at all. He is looking to assist existing local, community and tribal efforts to preserve farmlands, rivers and other natural spaces. Here are some key parts of the President's memorandum:

(A) promoting community-based recreation and conservation, including local parks, greenways, beaches, and waterways;

(B) advancing job and volunteer opportunities related to conservation and outdoor recreation; and

(C) supporting existing programs and projects that educate and engage Americans in our history, culture, and natural bounty.

And the initiative will submit a report that includes the following:

(A) a review of successful and promising non-federal conservation approaches;

(B) an analysis of existing Federal resources and programs that could be used to complement those approaches;

(C) proposed strategies and activities to achieve the goals of the Initiative; and

(D) an action plan to meet the goals of the Initiative.

What's the problem here?

Dad29 said...

I fail to see ONE "Federal" responsibility there under the Constitution.

Lots of STATE-level responsibilities.

I'll grant that there may be room for Fed foofoodust with national parks--and ONLY national parks.

Jim said...

And by the way, the full context without the ellipses is as follows [what Ace left out]:

The Federal Government[, the Nation's largest land manager,] has a responsibility [to engage with these partners to help develop a conservation agenda worthy of the 21st Century. We must look to the private sector and nonprofit organizations, as well as towns, cities, and States, and the people who live and work in them, to identify the places that mean the most to Americans, and leverage the support of the Federal Government to help these community-driven efforts to succeed.]

You'll note when you read the memorandum that the part about "reconnecting" is about 5-6 sentences and a couple of paragraphs later in the text.

Ace claims, "I did not distort his words."

Actually, Ace did that very thing.

Dad29 said...

By the way, exactly what authorizes the National Parks, outside of Teddy Roosevelt?