Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Serious IS the Anti-Incumbent Mood?

Dave Obey just flat-out quit; Bob Bennett was ejected by his own party; so was Mohollan (D), in favor of a non-DC-establishment (D). Hawaii will send an (R) to Congress for the first time in, what, 40 years? Massachusetts elected an (R) to 'the Kennedy seat.'

The list goes on.

Read the signs of the times. The anti-incumbent fever is pretty damned significant, and we could be seeing a ballot-box driven revolution in November.

Had a pleasant meeting with a friend the other day. (Yes, I can be pleasant.) He's a well-respected Corporate type; smart, impeccably dressed, club-memberships, yada yada; as respectable as any businessman you could name. NOT a bomb-thrower.

So I was taken aback when he said that 'most of his [C-level] friends' were in favor of simply 'tossing out ALL of Congress and starting over with 535 new faces.'


I reminded him that we are both represented by Jim Sensenbrenner, who has an ACU rating in the high 90's.

Would he keep Sensenbrenner and toss the rest?

The real shocker: "Nope," he said.

Sensenbrenner would be 'collateral damage,' so far as he's concerned.

That sentiment, by the way, extended to Paul Ryan as well.

Yes, that's anecdotal. But if I were Priebus, or Tate, or their national counterparts, I would be measuring pulse VERY carefully. If what my friend said is actually representative, we are looking at a revolution.

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Tim Morrissey said...

Same-same in Madison. I was downtown (State Street) Wednesday morning doing business; ran into a lot of folks I know. Topic one was the "squatters rights" case on the west side of the city; topic two was "getting rid of every single one of them" with a head-nod toward the big white building at the head of State Street. How about our contingent in Washington? If yesterday's casual conversations are prologue, Russ and Tammy had best get friendly with some high-level headhunters.