Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Fuggedabout 'Race to the Top'; Just Send Money!!"

Gotta love this.

After Wisconsin "educators" failed, miserably, to win "Race to the Top" money for Wisconsin schools, based largely on the "screw it" reaction of the teachers' unions, ...

Wisconsin's schools chief ramped up lobbying efforts Tuesday for a $23 billion education jobs bill pending in Washington that could stave off teacher layoffs next year.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers said that if the bill passes Congress, it could bring more than $400 million to Wisconsin in extra stimulus funding, enough to save thousands of full-time teaching positions across the state next school year.

Sure. All that "quality" and "accountability" crap isn't important, after all.

It's the MONEY, honey.


Anonymous said...

Ah, screw the kids and their education. They'll appreciate not having to pay for this later.

neomom said...

Because useless paper-pushers, not being able to fire crappy teachers and those killer bennies, pensions and early retirements are all for the kids right?

I mean the education they get now is top notch