Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doyle's Foreign Policy

Mr Potato-Head has a foreign policy.

Gov. Jim Doyle used his partial veto powers Wednesday to cut a provision from a bill on tax credits that would have barred employers from getting the credit if they hired illegal immigrants.

Go ahead, read it again. I'll wait.

Yup. Doyle doesn't want to punish anyone for hiring illegals. No sir. That would be.... patriotic, or something.

But he has an excuse:

Doyle wrote in a veto message that provision was unfair because some businesses hire those workers unintentionally.

Those poor farmers don't know nuttin. Nuttin at all about the InterTubes, where you can verify employment eligibility online. Fast, too, Gomer!!

Who knows? Those illegals could be Democrat voters.

God knows Barrett and Lassa and Kagen and Rusty-Poo Feingold will need 'em.


neomom said...

How is Kagan doing? Are the people in the Fox Valley going to be sane this year?

Anonymous said...

And the rest of the story...

"Seeking to address national immigration policy issues by limiting the access of Wisconsin's food processing industry to job creating tax credits is unfair and could weaken Wisconsin's agriculture economy," Doyle wrote.

The bill had strong support in the Legislature, passing 92-5 in the Assembly and 31-2 in the Senate, but it is unclear if Doyle's fellow Democrats who control the Legislature will attempt to override the veto.

Dad29 said...

And so?

Dumbass: with 95++% support in the Legislature Doyle STILL vetoed the patriotic part.

But you're good at copy/paste. Did you graduate to Middle School yet?

NeoMom: Kagen's in trouble, but not deep, dark, serious trouble.