Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Death Panel, Personified

Donald Berwick, true believer, Harvard man, and nominated by Obama to run ObamaCare.

“If we could ever find the political nerve, we strongly suspect that financing and competitive dynamics such as the following, purveyed by governments and payers, would accelerate interest in [our policy ideal] and progress toward it: (1) global budget caps on total health care spending for designated populations, (2) measurement of and fixed accountability for the health status and health needs of designated populations, (3) improved standardized measures of care and per capita costs across sites and through time that are transparent, (4) changes in payment such that the financial gains from reduction of per capita costs are shared among those who pay for care and those who can and should invest in further improvements, and (5) changes in professional education accreditation to ensure that clinicians are capable of changing and improving their processes of care...."

Plenty more at the link, by the way.

Repeal or De-Fund.

Can't do that? Then de-fund any agency or department that has anything to do with ObamaCare.

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