Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolate Castings

News item:

A trio of local investors led by Richard Koenings, an attorney who is chairman and chief executive officer of Grede Foundries, has made a successful $2.2 million bid for Quality Candy. If the bid for the bankrupt nearly-century-old candy company is approved by the court, the company will be continue to operate, Koenings said.

You want that chocolate with or without iron supplements?

Rough or semi-finished?

Malleable or slightly gray?

Can you really eat an 80,000 lb. chocolate-cream?

Shouldn't be a problem for these guys. You buy the raw stuff, heat it up, pour it into a mold, chill it, upset the mold, and sell the product. Sometimes you decorate the stuff, sometimes you don't.

They've been doing that for a LONG time.

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