Monday, May 10, 2010

Bishop "Resignations" Over Pedophila? Nope.

A summary of recent "resignations" by Bishops.

They are not "resignations;" they are 'resignations under pressure.'

...the pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg, the first bishop to quit in the pontiff's native Germany over the scandal that has rocked the Church in several European countries and the United States.

Mixa had admitted to hitting pupils and is now under investigation over accusations of sexual abuse, German prosecutors and church officials said.

In recent weeks, a Belgian bishop resigned after admitting he had sexually abused a boy, and three Irish bishops quit over their handling of sexual abuse cases.

B-16 is the New Broom, and his understanding of the abuse problem is VERY clear-eyed. The term "resignation" is diplomatic.

There will be more. Read the rest of the linked story for a hint.

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GOR said...

Yes, Cdl. Schoenborn’s calling out of Cdl. Sodano last week was unprecedented. Previously he had only hinted at this with the comment that ‘powerful forces’ in the Vatican had frustrated then Cdl. Ratzinger’s attempt to launch a complete investigation of the abuse. It also highlights why the Maciel case was ‘shelved’ for years – due not only to JPII’s na├»ve admiration for Maciel, but Sodano’s and other high Vatican officials’ support for him and the LC.

Last night, as the Irish Independent reports, Ab. Diarmuid Martin of Dublin spoke about ‘strong forces’ in the Church still attempting to cover up abuse. A reference to the Vatican, or closer to home?