Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Cockroach-Stomping Coming Soon!

Specter's situation is pretty bad.

New polls show Specter’s once formidable lead in next Tuesday’s primary has vanished. Despite a sizable financial advantage, the 80-year-old senator now is locked in a dead heat with Sestak...

He's 80. His only real interest in the race is maintaining his position as a Senator. And his opponent in the primary is far more attractive to the hard-left (D) voters.

'S OK. He can always go practice law in Scotland.


Tim Morrissey said...


Al said...

Given the Obama effect when he has campaigned, Specter should be relieved Obama has cut him loose. He's probably be further behind at this point.

Beyond that all I have to say/sing (with no apologies to Andy L. Weber):
"I won't cry for you Arlen Specter.
The truth is you don't deserve it.
All through you Senate days
Your mad existence
You broke your promises
Now we'll keep our distance."