Monday, January 18, 2010

Will Obama "Help" Tom Barrett This Way?

Maybe TOTUS failed.

Obama, campainging FOR Coakley:

You’d better check under the hood, because from everything I’ve seen, Martha’s opponent would have voted against those taxes!

Brown is against raising taxes!! OMG!!

It gets better:

She would have voted against those tax cuts!

The crowd goes silent in the video....

Thanks, B. Hussein! --signed, Scott Brown

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kurt schuller said...

My name is Kurt Schuller and I am running for state treasurer. I am a Tea party inspired republican who want to eliminate the elected position of Treasurer and Secretary of State. These offices are unneeded and have become a vehicle to reward political patrons with cushy jobs. Rep Scott Suder
and others have twice tried to introduce constitutional amendments to eliminate them but to date efforts have been unsuccessful. I want to win the job so that I can work from the inside to lobby for elimination.

I am opposed by Scott Feldt in the republican primary. Seems like a really good guy but he is for the status quo. He has spent most of his career in and around established government, both elected (Rock County supervisor) and as a hired government administrator.

I have worked most of my life in the restaurant business and owned and operated Wolfendales restaurant in Sussex Wisconsin for ten years. I have never held political office. I have no money to get my word out and am hoping that those in the conservative blogosphere who agree with me will help raise awareness of my campaign.

check me out at If you agree with me that its time to shrink our bloated government then spread the word