Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Those Stupid "Co-Exist" Bumper Stickers

Ten Reasons takes them down. Definitively.

Historically, T [Christian] has brought about more tolerance– “coexistence” if you will– than any other movement. But the kind of “coexistence” the people who make this sticker envision is one where at least X and T are completely marginalized.

Umnnhhh....yah, but Christianity does not forbid this: BUY MORE AMMO!


Anonymous said...

One of those bumper stickers cut me off in traffic the other day. Nice way to spread "peace", right?

Anonymous said...

I don't see the coexist bumper stickers as an attack on 'X' and 'T', I think that's absurd. They just strike me (and most people I suspect) as presumptuous (they assume they're driving around in a sea of bigots), confused (what the heck do male and female symbols have to do with religion?), condescending (YOU need to be more tolerant, like me), etc. The fact that Wicca gets a nod ought to be a tip off that this is something that would appeal to aging hippies or naive college students.

Also, the sort of people who have 'coexist' bumper stickers would probably protest the suggestion that Wicca is to religion what WWE is to wrestling, yet they seem to unwittingly acknowledge this by having all the new whey and eastern religions share a letter ('S') while the more mainstream religions get their own letter.

I'd like to see 'em drive around a Moslem country with that sticker. The fact that it would probably get you jailed (or on some places stoned to death) in the Moslem world yet they're ubiquitous in the US tells you who could use the lesson in 'tolerance'.