Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Bioethics", the Fake "Ethics"

This is important.

...bioethics is not a synonym for medical ethics and does not restrict its scope to the behavior of doctors in their professional lives vis-à-vis their patients. Rather, bioethics concerns itself with the relationship between medicine, health, and society, a far broader and more consequential matter. Moreover, many bioethicists presume an overarching moral expertise that is breathtaking in its ambition and hubris. Many view themselves, quite literally, as the forgers of “the framework for moral judgment and decision making” who will create “the moral principles” that determine how “we are to live and act,” a “wisdom” they perceive as “specially appropriate to the medical sciences and medical arts.” Indeed, some claim that “bioethics goes beyond the codes of ethics of the various professional practices concerned. It implies new thinking on changes in society, or even global equilibria.” Not bad for a school of thought that has only existed for about 30 years…

I have occasionally mentioned the "bioethics" person over at Med College/Wisconsin, and have pointed out that her concept of "ethics" has little to do with "morals."

It will matter, a lot, when ObamaCare becomes the law of the land.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the sinister hand of statism is now rearing its ugly head, spawning a new social movement that interferes with God's will--bioethics, a "social movement rooted in political liberalism".

Doctors are NOT governed by the Roman Catholic medical ethics model, nor should they EVER be.

What is bioethics? Read and learn...