Monday, January 18, 2010

The State of Illinois; Is Wisconsin Next?

Think about this:

Despite a budget shortfall estimated to be as high as $5.7 billion, state officials haven't shown the political will to either raise taxes or cut spending sufficiently to close the gap.

... Unpaid bills to suppliers are piling up. State employees, even legislators, are forced to pay their medical bills upfront because some doctors are tired of waiting to be paid by the state. The University of Illinois, owed $400 million, recently instituted furloughs, and there are fears it may not make payroll in March if the shortfall continues

Wisconsin isn't that far behind.

"Even if the state's tax revenue bounces back to its ordinary growth rate, and even if all spending is frozen but for schools, the university, Medicaid and prisons, and those four grow only at historically average rates, no catching up - then state government is still $2.2 billion in the hole at the end of the next biennial budget.”

That's from McIlheran's Sunday column.

And that's assuming that State revenues actually make it to the projections used in assembling the current budget.

Any bets?

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