Sunday, January 10, 2010

Optimistic About a Wisconsin Recovery?

John Torinus thinks there's a lot to be positive about--he sees UW-M's expansion in research, Marquette's continued growth, and the health-care centers of Wisconsin as very positive signs.

He's right--but there's a caution flag, too, observed by Rhymes:

Jack Boyd, a Princeton, N.J., consultant, said he and other consultants are telling clients looking for new sites to be careful about locating in states with high deficits.

"What concerns me is who is going to put the fiscal houses in order for states like Arizona, California and New Jersey. Our concern is that it will be on the backs of the business community," he said.

Ugh. Wisconsin is in a budget deficit (Doylet) which is significant--around $2.7Bn or so--

Torinus is correct, of course. UW-M, Marquette, and the Medical Complex are not 'relocating' into Wisconsin--they're here already.

As is the almost-inevitable increase in State taxes to flush the Doylet.

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