Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ObamaCare: The System Will Work!!!

No question that Gummint systems work just fine. No problems. Nothing to see here.

A 78-year-old Hallandale Beach grandmother ticketed for driving with a suspended driver's license spent 15 days in jail before authorities announced her license wasn't suspended and an outraged judge set her free.

Think that's the worst part? Not by a long shot.

``She's handcuffed like Houdini, for the record. She's got chains around her waist, and she's got handcuffs in front around her hands as if she was some kind of a violent criminal,'' the judge said, according to a transcript.

There's a bit more to the story--Granny had been cleaned out on a land-scam and was indigent.

But hey! The System Worked!! No judges nor jailers were harmed in the process!!

And coming soon: ObamaCare!! Nothing will go wrong go wrong go wrong gowrong gowrong....

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