Tuesday, January 05, 2010

More on the New Sistine-Choir Guy, Palombella

Ugh. It's 'net chat, but not very good news.

I know him and have seen him work in Rome. Also tried to organise projects with him.

He is a protege of Mgr Miserachs at the PIMS.

He HATES the old rite and anything trad. He is a professor of liturgy with Piero Marini - same views. He is also very political

Musically he is not so extroardinary [sic] - quite amateur I think, actually.

I've heard that Mgr Miserachs is a self-promoter whose obeisance to licit theories of Musica Sacra is ...........aaahhhhhhh..........politically convenient; it would seem to be consistent with what the commenter has to say here. We all know about Mgr. Marini, who is a jerk.

Oh, well. Despite the Sistine Choir, there is a lot of excellence out there. Looks like that condition will continue.

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Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind that in all of Catholic Christendom there cannot be found and hired a decent choir director to reform and lead the Sistine Choir.

The Catholic Church has to be divinely-guided. When one sees how badly humans "run" the Church sometimes, the Church should have collapsed into ashes a long time ago.