Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Even More Dissent in Milwaukee

We mentioned a few Milwaukee-area priests (and others) who are solidly planted in the 1960's. They do NOT want the new and greatly improved translation to arrive here.

Forgot a few.

Fr. Laurin Wenig
the Pledls
Sr. Mary Jane Wagner SSSF
Fr. Chas. Zabler
Sr. Marion Verhaalen SSSF
Jim Pluer
Fr. Robert Artmann
Sr Marie Gnader SSSF
Fr. Schlenker
Fr. Robert Gosma
Fr. Chas. Hanel
Fr. Michael Moran

Also interesting is the number of people who are "lay ministers" in this Archdiocese.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Well, well, well.

Some of those names do not surprise me at all.

CatholicSoldier said...

I was not surprised when I saw Fr. Alan Jurkus on the list. I'll admit I am a little surprised to see my current pastor, Fr. Laurin Wenig on this list. His homilies have been strong and Catholic. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Wenig and strong homilies? I think not. He rarely sticks to the readings, never discusses dogma or any doctrinal traditions, and prefers his 'softball' analogies of oooold storiiiies.

Perhaps you are mistaking him with Fr. Reesman who has since left St. Mary's. He was a fantastic priest, well beyond his age in wisdom, and had very powerful homilies.

Dave said...

I know a few of those priests. They don't even follow what's in the current Missal...one of them has been known to alter the Words of Consecration to the point of invalidity...

CatholicSoldier said...

I have actually been pleasantly surprised. I knew of Fr. Laurin prior to my coming to St. Mary's and as a homilist, they are quite different from my pre-conceived notions. That being said, they aren't necessarily hard hitting and super Orthodox like Fr. Reesman.

Anonymous said...

Well, we will simply have to disagree. I get nothing from Wenig or his associate pastor (and his infamous "okey dokey").

That written, I have been church shopping. As Dave points out, one can ad lib the Eucharist right out of validity. Wenig and Co. is on that path.

Anonymous said...

To say Fr. Wenig's homilies are "strong" does disservice to the word. However, he also doesn't spend much time in his homilies undermining orthodoxy -- he saves that for his administration of the parish. His homilies play it very safe, avoiding substance, inspiring no one (cafeteria or orthodox) and offending no one.

Fr.Laurin supporter said...

I have known Fr. Laurin Wenig for over 30 years. My brother was in the Call to Ministry Program that Fr. Laurin was involved with. Since my dad was not involved in our lives we especially appreciated Fr. Laurin as a father figure and friend. He spent a good amount of time with my brother, alone and in groups, and there was never anything even remotely inappropriate on the part of Fr. Laurin. Over the years, he married my husband and I and baptized all seven of our children. I am saddened and outraged at this accusation. It's tragic to me that someone can make an accusation such as this, i repeat, ACCUSATION, and completely turn another's life upside down. I ask all of you who know and love Fr. Laurin the way that my family does, to reach out to him and show your support. He has been there for so many of us over the years, and now it is our turn to be there for him.

Faithful Friend said...

I see that this is over a year old, but I have just seen it now and wished to comment on the previous remarks. I, too, have known Father Laurin for many years. He has ALWYS been there for me, my husband and our 5 (now grown) children. While he was the Pastor at St. Matthew in Neosho, my three young sons worked for him by cleaning the church, doing yardwork, etc. He would reward them with pizza, a movie, or a day at Six Flags, or something like that. I was never concerned and trusted him completely with my children. They are all completely supportive of him still, in the face of these accusations. They have each said that Father Laurin never did or said anything to them, even remotely inappropriate. Not once. And he would have had every opportunity as they were often alone with him in his home, or wherever. And in response to the negative comments about his sermons, I would very strongly disagree with that, as well. Having grown up in the Catholic faith, and spent my elementary and middle school years in Catholic school, I have never been MORE inspired than I am by hearing Father Laurin's sermons. My kids are now grown, and we have all expressed how much we miss him and miss hearing him speak. I wish all the best for him, and I hope that his good name will soon be restored to him. It is always easier for us to jump on the bandwagon of adversity, but get to really know what a good man he is before you judge.