Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kane's False Dilemmas

Like most adults, I don't often read EKane's drivel. But he's migrated from the 'all-racism-all-the-time' model to 'bash-TEA-party,' so I looked.

This guy is taken seriously?

The "tea party" movement, along with other tax revolt groups upset with increased government spending, advocates a new era in which most citizens don't have to depend on government for anything, including health care. When it comes to police and fire protection, however, that seems to fall in a different category.

What matters most depends mainly on your priorities: Would you prefer your tax dollars go to pay for more cops on the streets or filling potholes? What about keeping the county park system one of the best in the nation? Don't forget about public transportation, public schools and of course, whenever you need a firefighter, it's usually always a pretty pressing matter.


'More cops/potholes'? Both. Try privatizing the pothole-filling (and snowplowing) and you can have both, no problem. 'Best parks'? Yup. Try privatizing landscape maintenance instead of union-member/benefits-rich grass-cutters.

I'll grant him this: unlike a lot of other pundits, Kane understands that it is the SPENDING, not the TAXING. It's an insight he should use more often.

Have a cup of tea, EKane. It will soothe your soul, and help you to think clearly.

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