Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Since Sgt. Hunley Shot the Guy, Let's Put Women into Combat!

Sometimes it's best to read what the LeftOWackies write. That way it's clear that they are incapable of linear thought.

According to news reports, Munley and gunman Nidal Hassan engaged in intense gunfire while running toward each other. Although officials are unsure if the debilitating shot delivered to Hassan was fired by Munley or Sgt. Mark Todd, a hero in his own right, authorities agree Munley’s actions saved the lives of several bystanders.

There is no questioning whether Munley’s actions were heroic. The answer is a simple yes. On the other hand, there is a question that has been raised time and time again that has once again surfaced as a result of Munley’s courage. Should women in the military legally be allowed to participate in combat to the same extent as men?

There is a difference between combat and police action, no matter how well-executed or courageous.

But that's not the best offering from this naif.

For years we’ve heard debates about whether women are capable of serving in ground troops. One of the main arguments against women on the frontline has been their lack of physical prowess when compared to men.

For years, many women have countered this assertion with the claim if women can handle the pains of childbirth, they can handle anything

Well, sure. Childbirth, war,'s all the same.

Oh, there's more!

I had the privilege of taking a class about the history of the Vietnam War taught by Ron Milam. If you have any interest in that subject area, I’d highly recommend the course. Of the many things I learned during the semester, one I remember most happens to also be one many suggest contributed greatly to the North’s ability to defend against the South and U.S. troops. The United States didn’t allow women in the military to engage in physical combat, but the opposition did.

I’m no expert on the war, but common sense would lead me to believe the additional numbers advantaged the northern troops in one way or another

Maybe you should have sought out a course taught by someone vaguely familiar with actual history, honey. NVA and the VC actually LOST the war--until the (D) majority in Congress cut the legs out from under South Vietnam and unilaterally pulled out of the country.

Other than that, those women were very effective, or something.

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