Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sensible Gun Proposals--Sorta

The Milwaukee Common Council asked the Leggies to do them a few legal favors.

The Common Council urged lawmakers to adopt legislation that would require felons to stay 1,000 feet away from gun stores, shooting ranges and gun shows, and that would declare "straw buying" of guns to be a felony and failure to report stolen guns a crime.

Does 'staying 1000 feet from a gun store' mean that a convict cannot drive down S. 43rd St., or S. 84th St., or Main St. in Waukesha? What about if a convict resides within 1000 feet at the time the law is passed?

The other provision which is going to require some thought is "Failure to report....."

I know what they're driving at. But frankly, I don't check my gun-cabinet every night before bed. That's because I don't expect someone to steal one of my weapons. That's probably the case for 99% of law-abiding gun owners in this State.

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