Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rush Is Right, Top 10 Version

The Top 10 "Big Tent" Moments:

Number ten: Newt Gingrich does a PSA on global warming with Nancy Pelosi in 2008.

Number nine moderate moment in GOP history: Bush-Quayle '92.

The number eight moderate moment GOP history: Dole-Kemp '96.

The number seven most moderate moment in Republican history: Ford-Dole '76. Do you see a pattern here?

Top ten moderate moments in Republican history number six: Jumpin' Jim Jeffords jumps from the Republican Party.

Top ten moderate moments in Republican history number seven: Arlen Specter switches parties.

Top ten moderate moments in Republican history. Number four: Richard Nixon resigns in disgrace.

Top ten moderate moments Republican history number three: Dede Scozzafava endorses the Democrat, Owens, in New York 23.

Top ten moderate moments in Republican history number two: The McCain campaign of 2008.

The number one top ten moderate moment in Republican history: Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama, the Democrat, for president in 2008!

And some people wonder why TEA Partiers spit on Republican "leadership."


Anonymous said...

And people say that Rush is not the face of the Republican Party. Ha!


Key Passage--John Brabender, a veteran Republican consultant, said it's dangerous to lump people together by label and suggest there's no room for moderates.

"I think it's about how moderate, and how likely are they to be voting with Republicans," he said. "I think it would be too grand of a statement to say moderates have a target on their back."

Brabender said the outcome of Tuesday's race will be key as Democrats and Republicans fight for what will be perceived as message-sending wins in this and other off-year races. Democrats will try to scoop up any disenfranchised moderate Republicans, while Republicans will argue that this is the year the political pendulum swings back to the right.

"There's a renewed belief that the Republican Party has a number of principles and people are going to look at the candidates running and look at the consistency of their principles rather than if they have an 'R' after their name," Brabender said.


Key Passage--At the end of the day I think that this addresses a point I’ve discussed before which is that maybe the best thing would be if we moved away from labeling people and more towards labeling issues. Then there wouldn’t be the danger of being stigmatized on one’s voting record. I think Specter wanted to keep the (R) after his name, but in our current climate too many (D) votes are hard to ignore...My wife calls herself an Independent and for her the label is very fitting. She takes pretty conservative opinions on some issues and pretty liberal positions on others. Still on others she’s downright libertarian. Being an Independent doesn’t mean you have to look for the compromise position. You can cherry pick your issues and no one says a word. Of course the downside is that there are very few elected Independents in our government today.

Let me be clear – I don’t want anyone to leave the Republican fold if it can be helped. But labels do matter and we have to choose the one that fits us best.

Deekaman said...

There is a huge misunderstanding on nearly everyone's part. Rush is only saying what we have been saying all along. He's just the tail. We conservatives are the dog. As many politicians are about to find out, this is a Center-Right nation. More Right than Center. I think the Obama's of this world understand. That's why they run as moderates. If the electorate really knew what they were, there would never be another Democrat elected.

I'm sure others will be more than happy to make their claims, but the fact is, politicians will ignore us at their peril.

It's RINO season. And there's no bag limit.

Anonymous said...

And the dog chases the tail yet again!