Thursday, November 05, 2009

QueenNancy Declares War

I have a link to pix of the vicious, wild, and unruly crowd below....

U.S. Capitol Police arrested 10 people this afternoon after the Capitol Hill Tea Party crowd stormed Congressional office buildings

...They were charged with unlawful entry (entering a Congressional office and refusing to leave when told to do so) and/or disorderly conduct (yelling in the hallway outside an office) at Room 235 in the Cannon House Office Building.

Room 235 is Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office for district business, not where she conducts her duties as Speaker. That's handled at an office in the Capitol building

Standing in an office. Yelling in the hallway. Good Heavens! What sort of animals were these?

Here's the pic-link.

The crowd estimates?

The size estimates have also varied widely. NBC put the number at 3,000-5,000, while Talking Points Memo reported 8,000. I would put the number at around 20,000, or in the tens of thousands --B. O'Connell, AmSpecBlog

It could be that QueenNancy was hiding in her our Gulfstream.

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