Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perception of Obama Is Deteriorating--Fast


When people who voted for Obama in 2008 -- including registered Democrats -- start speaking in normal conversational voices at dinner parties, neighborhood gatherings and PTA meetings that the over-inflated ego from Chicago has it "in for America," then it's clear most reasonable people have reached the same conclusion.

That is not an assertion without foundation. Look at the LeftOWacky Milwaukee blogsites. You'll see an occasional HooRah for Obama, but no 'drumbeat' of happy thoughts and posts. Yah, the national (Kossite) ultra-Lefties (and our local Schmitz), play their fifes and drums regularly--but they are the ultra-Left. The 5% fringe.

Hyman's article in the AmSpec has a lengthy bill of particulars to support his thesis, and he's not the only one who describes Obama this way.

One Hillsdale professor calls Obama 'an America-hater.' Seems that he's absolutely correct.

You can look at Patrick's post for a graphic on Obama; it tells the same tale.

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