Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Money Moved (R)--Barrett Implications

Interesting inside-baseball observation from the dean of vote-analysis, Barone, who credits Pat Caddell.

Second...affluent suburban voters moved sharply toward Republicans in 2009.

He cites a few examples, and illuminates what appears to the the (R) conundrum:

From the 1996 election up through and including 2008., affluent counties in the East, Midwest and West have trended Democratic, largely through distaste for the religious and cultural conservatives whom voters there have seen (not without reason) as dominant in the Republican party. Now, with the specter of higher tax rates and a vastly expanded public sector, they may be—possibly—headed in the other direction. An interesting trend to watch.

Umnnhhhhh.....this is not a surprise, folks. "The Wallet" has almost always governed elections, and this is no exception. Bush was a disaster in wallet-terms, and McPain promised more of the same. B Hussein Obama kept his Trotskyite inclinations in the closet, which was smart politics albeit deceptive.

Tommy Barrett, who reads this stuff too, has to be sweating bricks. Not only will he have to pick up the mud-and-crap-stained (D) flag left by Doyle, the most fraudulent thief EVER to occupy the Governor's mansion in Wisconsin, but he will have to do it without the support of the Moneyed Democrats and Indies.

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall as Hussein Obama makes love to Tommy Barrett today?

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