Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Michale Steele: Is He REALLY This Dumb?

Likeable guy, good fundraiser, but......

When he was asked to assess the claim made by conservative blogger Erick Erickson at — a grassroots driving force behind Hoffman’s candidacy — that conservatives scored a victory last night, Chairman Steele could not have disagreed more firmly.

“I don’t see a victory in losing seats,” Steele said. “I’m in the business of multiplication and addition. I want more Republicans. I don’t buy that we somehow find victory in defeat.

Maybe Steele didn't bother to read RedState. Worse, maybe he did, and STILL doesn't get it.

The GOP had to lose NY-23 to get the message that the base is really angry with the Beltway GOP Establishment that brought us TARP, out of control spending, etc. I made it very clear from the very beginning that the goal all along was not to see Hoffman win, but see Scozzafava lose.

Maybe the Wisconsin connection, Priebus, will send a message to Chairman Steele. Short version: "Coffee's brewing; are you awake?"

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VSO said...

This is why the GOP will go the way of the Whigs. They deserve it.