Friday, November 06, 2009

House "Rules": Citizen Cameras Verboten

Who the Hell PAID for this damn building?

No cameras? No vids, except by 'licensed professionals'? Are you KIDDING?

...Flip recorder in hand, I headed down to the steps of the Capitol this morning. I met lots of wonderful patriots who had traveled from afar to be there. We heard from wonderful folks like Bachmann, Mark Levin, Tom Price, and actor Jon Voigt. I was excited to get started on my “house call” to my representative, Gerry Connolly, a Democrat. Mr. Connelly (also known in these parts as Congressman Cowardly) has avoided his constituents like H1N1.

...As I returned the form to the young staffer, I took out my Flip, started recording and asked him if someone from the office would appear on video and explain Congressman Connelly’s position. The staffer said I needed press credentials to videotape. I told him I was just an average citizen, not the media and had at no point been told (or seen a sign) that video cameras were not allowed. At this point, a man came out of an office and stood behind the staffer in a not so friendly way. When I questioned about the need for press credentials, this man came forward and demanded to know if I was a constituent of the 11th District, which I am and have been for more than 20 years. He insisted that I needed to have press credentials and very deliberately pushed his body — in an aggressive way — against my right arm, which was holding the camera. I was astonished that he had been so brazen and told him so. He then proceeded to threaten me with calling the police. I asked for his name several time, and the bully would only tell me “George.” Since I was standing at the front desk of the office, I found a stack of business cards and lo and behold, our bully is the Director of Communications for Rep. Gerry Connolly, one George Burke.

Partial vid at the link here.

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