Thursday, November 05, 2009

Actually, Excellency, You CAN Roust the Bums!

This useful and licit canon-law based offering may be useful to the next Ordinary of Milwaukee.

You know.........there be Jesuits........

Besides the already-quite-sufficient-to-act-in-this-case jurisdictional canons I already cited in regard to Quinn's possible delicts, Canon 1320 (in tandem with Canons 392 and 678) grants arch/bishops express authority to exert coercive power over offending religious in their territory, and a metropolitan (like George) is specifically expected "to inform the Roman Pontiff of abuses" occurring within his province under Canon 436.1.1. The canonists working for these prelates are doubtless aware of these norms,.

That's in reference to the Demented Dominican (Sr. Quinn) of Chicago. But her offense and situation is archetypical.

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