Monday, November 02, 2009

ACORN Working to Steal Another Election

Who could have guessed?

There are reports out of Camden, New Jersey that voters are discovering that absentee ballots have already been submitted under their name. They did not authorize these ballots. Early reports suggested that the number of absentee ballots 'requested' in Camden city is higher than in any previous election. This will no doubt spark confusion on election day.

Oh, there's more than just that snippet.

New Jersey will have a lot of lengthy recounts.

Whatever Corzine (ex-Gimme-all-your-Goldman Sucks) can buy.


Amy said...

Surprise, surprise. Welcome to the future of American elections...where Democrats WILL win, but only by fraud.

Anonymous said...

So a "phone tip regarding supposed ACORN members" and "reports out of Camden, NJ" equate to SPECIFIC evidence of massive voter fraud?

Amy--As if "a culture of corruption" has been primarily a Democratic Party tendency? See Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, Curt Weldon, etc. You are smarter than that to be duped by the right attack dogs.

John Foust said...

Phone tips? Vague tips? Blind-items? No, it was reported on talk radio, too, and on the blogs, so it must be true. If it feels true in your gut it must be true.