Friday, November 06, 2009

Abp. Dolan and B-16's Larger Agenda

You know that Abp. Dolan of NYC called out the execrable Dowd-babe of the equally-execrable NYTimes over her (and their) overt, aggressive, anti-Catholicism.

Dolan's work is not without precedent in Rome.

...At senior levels of the church, there’s a growing conviction that a tipping point has been reached—that Western secularization is crossing the line from neutrality to outright hostility, toward religion in general and Catholicism in particular. Cardinal Renato Martino, the former President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, put things this way: "It looks like a new Inquisition. It is a lay Inquisition, but it is so nasty. You can freely insult and attack Catholics, and nobody will say anything." --John Allen, NCR, quoted by Fr. Z.

Cdl. George of Chicago is also of the same mindset. Given what we see from QueenNancy and her Abortion Court Bloody Jesters in ObamaCare House version, the perception is based on reality. And that's before we get to conscience protections in the Obamination of Health Bill(s).


Neo-Con Tastic said...

I'm glad the toleration is nearing an end.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Maureen Dowd was raised a Catholic. She couldn't take the shit any longer, apparently. Where were all of these holier-than-thou Bishops when the priests were diddling the little boys?

Anonymous said...

A majority of Americans were raised in or near the Catholic church. The hypocrisy eventually leads them to purer pastures.