Thursday, July 02, 2009

This Is "Legal Education"?

The Warrior shows us how mythology, dissembling, and poppycock become "fact."

Christina Hoff Sommers, [emailed] sent to Berkeley feminist professor Nancy K.D. Lemon pointing out factual errors in her (unfortunately) widely used textbook [Domestic Violence Law]. (People actually pay money for this book--and then study it for law education??)


The history of women's abuse began over 2,700 years ago in the year 753 BC. It was during the reign of Romulus of Rome that wife abuse was accepted and condoned under the Laws of Chastisement. ... The laws permitted a man to beat his wife with a rod or switch so long as its circumference was no greater than the girth of the base of the man's right thumb. The law became commonly know as 'The Rule of Thumb.' These laws established a tradition which was perpetuated in English Common Law in most of Europe.


Romulus of Rome never existed. He is a figure in Roman mythology — the son of Mars, nursed by a wolf. Problem 2: The phrase "rule of thumb" did not originate with any law about wife beating, nor has anyone ever been able to locate any such law. It is now widely regarded as a myth, even among feminist professors.

This is the same crap that the FemiNazis push about the Catholic Church having 'ordained deaconesses'--just make it up and hope no one notices that it's pure crap.

Plenty more at the link!

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