Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kennedy's Government Health Plan--He's Kidding, Right?

Ted Kennedy, who wrote enabling legislation for HMO's and the legislation which currently prevents purchase of health insurance 'across State lines' has another really bright idea.

It's also completely unbelievable.

The proposal calls for a $750 annual fee on employers for each full-time worker not offered coverage through their job. The fee would be set at $375 for part-time workers. Companies with fewer than 25 employees would be exempt.

The fee was forecast to generate $52 billion over 10 years, money the government would use to help provide subsidies to those who cannot afford insurance. The same provision is also estimated to greatly reduce the number of workers whose employers would drop coverage, thus addressing a major concern noted by CBO when it reviewed the earlier proposals.

Lemme see, heah, Gomer. XYZ Company now pays about $750/month (or more) to cover your family.

D'ya think XYZ Company will trade $9,000/year for $750/year in per-employee cost?

Kennedy (and Dodd) are outright BUYING the support of the Chamber of Commerce with this one. Buying support is not exactly new to Dodd (D-Bankers). And Kennedy just wants to get Gummint Health through, no matter what.

But how stupid do they think YOU are?

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