Friday, July 03, 2009

How Barrett Can Reduce Crime

Actually, it's 'how Barrett may have already reduced crime.'

I have never been a great fan of Rudy Giuliani but when he was mayor of New York…despite all his failings…he became idolized by whites as a tough law-and-order mayor. Last year when he was in town, I asked him his impression of Richard M. Daley’s record on crime and murder. He told me not to quote him directly…and I didn’t since I was holding a drink not a pad and paper.., but his response went something like this: There’s one thing you must do if you want to cut down homicides-and it is this: You have to back the cops. When the ACLU comes around and tries to persecute them…and I mean persecute…you gotta stand up for the cops. The police respect that and will bust their [scatological term] for you and the crime goes down.

My observation is that there is a kind of ACLU mentality dominant in his city hall. You know why: liberals feel any action the police take is “brutality.” If you stand with the goo-goos the cops will know it and sit on their hands. Well I didn’t and we cleaned up New York. Depends on what is more important to you, make friends with the goo-goo’s or get things done for the city.

Barrett has made it pretty clear that Flynn's his man---and Flynn has made it very clear that he will back up his cops when the rubber meets the road.


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Andy K. said...

One of the reasons I like Chisolm (sp? the DA) and Barrett, even though they are Democrats, is this idea (aside from their former high school, haha!). It was solidified in the cop-shooting incident when those two and the Chief were on the scene and being there. I think that sent a strong message, if not overtly, then implicitly.

They have their errors, when running the PD, but at least they support the cops.

Happy to see he's no dummy.