Friday, July 03, 2009

Dear Leader Obama Is Hurt!

Gad. We've heard about his sensitivity to criticism, but now he's manipulating around history?

The president complained about pro-lifers "who keep on anticipating the worst from us," according to the write-up in CNS. He doesn't consider their attitude justified, since "it's not based on anything I've said or done, but is rather just a perception, somehow, that we have some hard-line agenda that we're seeking to push."

I wonder if any of the journalists present were allowed to follow up with a question about whether the president expects Americans to forget everything he did and said prior to being elected president. Someone also might have asked whether we should forget his quick decision to end the Mexico City Policy and his selection of pro-abortion Catholics to crucial administration positions

Since each journalist present was only allowed ONE question, there could be no followups.

What a maroon this Obama really is...

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Anonymous said...

If a Harvard law grad is a "maroon" then what is DaddyZero?

Deekaman said...

You're right, anon, he's not a "maroon", he's an "Ultra-maroon".

Learn your Bugs Bunny.

Andy K. said...

Barry O graduated from Harvard? Let's see his academic transcript to prove it!!

Amy said...

Harvard diplomas do not geniuses make, anon.

An either Obama has memory loss issues, or he's ignoring the simple fact he told a room full of pro-aborts that the FIRST thing he'd do is sign FOCA into law.

Forgive us for following the logical progression of Obamaspeak.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's doubtful that any of the single cell protozoa posting here have sufficient intelligence to get into Northeastern University, let alone Harvard. You got a birth certificate to prove you are a living human, Andy K.?

Deekaman said...

Good, Anon. Glad to see that's all you got. I graduated with a degree in Engineering. Most of your Harvard attorney types don't have it to make it in math, science or engineering. That's why they go into law. You are perfectly welcome to kiss me on my backside.

Soulless coward.

Al said...

Let us also not forget that almost all the Catholic Press was from the liberal left & thus not about to question Obama in any way shape or form on his abortion stand.

Anonymous said...

"Most of your Harvard attorney types don't have it to make it in math, science or engineering. That's why they go into law. You are perfectly welcome to kiss me on my backside."

I decline your odd offer -- as a happily married heterosexual, that's not of any interest to me. Not that there's anything wrong with it, as Jerry Seinfeld once said.

I stand by my statement. At the raw intellect level, neither you nor any of the other dingbats who post here regularly could get into the Harvard Law School, let alone graduate with honors from it. Dream on.

Deekaman said...

GW Bush graduated from Harvard as I recall. Guess he was smarter than y'all thought.

Anyone who thinks this President is doing a good job is either stupid or a Socialist who believes we should live in a Workers' Paradise. We are on the fast track to tyranny and people like Anon (coward that he is) are driving the train. The President has no experience and no sense. I don't particularly care if he went to Harvard or MATC. Anon and his ilk are just useful idiots. Emphasis on idiots. In a battle of wits, you are unarmed. Your Leftist wet dreams will ruin this country and all the opportunity there used to be. You betray all that the Founders pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to. I have nothing but contempt for your type.

We're done here.

Anonymous said...

Deekaman, although this is much like engaging in a duel with a double amputee, I must respond. You demonstrate that you don't know much about the Ivy League education. George W. Bush was a "legacy" at Yale (not Harvard), and gained admission to the undergraduate program as the son of another "legacy," his father. You get into undergraduate Ivy League programs either on merit or as a legacy.

You make the mistake that many zealots do of ascribing every negative quality that you can come up with to people you disagree with. If the President's policies are bad (or evil, more likely, in your simple mind), then he must be stupid as well. This doesn't reflect much maturity on your part.

Use a little of your engineering education and attempt to be a little more objective for once.

Dad29 said...

neither you nor any of the other dingbats who post here regularly could get into the Harvard Law School

So f'n WHAT?

IQ is simply not the sole determinant for anything important in life.

That should be obvious by the fact that you are posting here...

Anonymous said...

Of course not, DaddyZero, but visiting here is like slowing down when passing an accident on the highway. Such a temptation to stare at the wreck.

Andy K. said...

Well, it's doubtful that any of the single cell protozoa posting here have sufficient intelligence to get into Northeastern University, let alone Harvard. You got a birth certificate to prove you are a living human, Andy K.?

Actually, yes, I have a birth certificate. And, I'd be willing to show it on request, unlike Barry O.

Also, I'll have you know I routinely scored in the upper percentiles in SAT, ACT, and Iowa basic testings. I'm at the *TOP* undergraduate engineering school in the nation (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, where I study electrical engineering, and the school that also permits me to study abroad in Germany, because I speak German), and I applied to UW-Madison, was accepted, and said no to them.

So, because I know you're so brilliant:
Leckt mich im Arsch.

Anonymous said...

Andy, why don't you call Sen. Craig if that's your preference. No interest here!

Let me get this straight -- you turned down Wisconsin for Terra Haute, Indiana? You're apparently drinking the Kool-Aid the admissions office sold you. Yes, it's a nice engineering school when compared to its peers (like UW-Platteville, which also "tops out" at the Masters Degree level), but this isn't even the "*TOP* engineering school" in Northern Indiana! You're telling me it's better than Cal Tech, MIT, or even Wisconsin? In your dreams!

What do you do for fun on weekends? Drive over to Muncie to cruise for girls at "Ball" State?

Sie sind ein Idiot!

Dad29 said...

Seems that Anony has a serious inferiority complex; he spends a lot of time reaffirming his ubermensch status on this blog.

Maybe I should collect a fee for the therapy, eh Andy?

Andy K. said...

Well, you don't understand German insults, I guess.

I did turn down UW-Madison for Terre Haute, Indiana. I'm looking for an undergraduate engineering degree, not a doctorate or a master's. Bachelor. And, yeah, compared to our nice peers, such as Kettering University, and all FOUR military academies. What are your credentials, Fraeulein Brilliant?

And yeah, it *is* better than CalTeh, MIT, and Wisconsin (especially MIT - their undergrad sucks) in THEIR FIELD - WHICH IS UNDERGRAD engineering.

I don't understand what you mean by "doing for fun". It is possible to have fun in a place like Terre Haute - it's authentic, real fun - with friends. You know, those people YOU only see on television.

Although, I'll give you props on learning how to use a translator. Monkeys can't do that


Dad29: You def. should. I don't understand why someone would want to spend all their time here. I'm actually surprised she spent the time to search for RHIT on the Internet.

Andy K. said...

Oh, Anon. Learn how to spell. "Terre Haute" is French. You know, the language comes from the country where Dear Leader flipped off their head of state.

Anonymous said...

Andy K, you earn your Densa membership the hard way. The folks at the Rose Kennedy School of Engineering (or whatever the place is called) lie when they tell you that the US News & World Report ranking compares the school with CalTech and MIT when, in fact, it compares Rose Kennedy with other schools which "top out" below the doctoral level. Check it out -- you're dead wrong on this one.

Obviously the MIT comparison grates or you wouldn't toss off the ignorant insult. (And I'm sure that this is what the president of MIT worries about constantly -- how do I keep my "star" faculty members from abandoning Boston for Terra Firma?)

You are indeed a dumkopf, which probably explains why you think an academic backwater like Terra Firma is the center of the universe. You make some of the Madison partisans look sane by comparison.

Andy K. said...

Please have the courtesy to refer to my school with its proper name. Rose Kennedy doesn't even make sense.

I never claimed USNWR compared MIT and CalTech with RHIT. All of my friends (those who have gone to RHIT and other places) all say that RHIT is better for undergrad, when compared to places that have excellent graduate programs. Their focus just isn't on undergrad. Ours is, and we excel at it. We rank near-perfect amongst our peers - who include all four military academies. No where did I say USNWR compared us with CalTech and MIT. My personal experience (with people and such) has been different than what you claim.

Again - I hold no ill will towards MIT. It has been my experience, and what I've heard (From NON-RHIT students/people) is MIT's undergrad is not the best. That's all I'm claiming.

Dummkopf. Terre Haute. Get it right. It's not that hard. You obviously spent the time to search for different things, like Rose and such, but please have some courtesy.

I never said RHIT or Terre Haute is the center of the universe. You're reading your own biases into what I'm saying.

I find it stunning that you need to spit such vitriol and hate towards someone who disagrees with you.

RHIT's credentials stand for their own, by the way. Our senior graduates have historically, and now, a 99% rate for securing jobs. Our average starting salary is something in the $60k. We are well-esteemed amongst our colleagues and competitors. Businesses love us. We have broken career fair records in the past two or three years. Companies hire RHIT students. So, our record stands as our own.

Again, I can't understand why you have such hateful things to say about me and my school. I truly pity you.

Also, you have yet to say where you've gone to school. Of course, you don't have the guts to put a name to your comments, so I shouldn't expect much.