Saturday, July 04, 2009

AssPress Language Manipulation

PRChina is not leading the "human rights" parade. The Associated Press (AssPress) colludes with PRC's boyzzz...

AP describes "Green Dam Youth Escort" software as "a filtering program."

Sure. Here's what the "filtering program" can do:

...the software is capable of blocking politically sensitive websites, filtering out content based on a list of keywords, recording keystrokes and passwords, taking screenshots every 3 minutes, and recording all of the websites visited along with all of the user’s other internet activity.

...Green Dam gives the regime the ability to tighten its control by collecting personal information and secretly sending it to a central database, while strengthening the regime’s ability to censor the internet. The collected information could then be used to persecute dissidents.

And Hurricane Katrina was a 'high-wind event.'

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