Saturday, July 04, 2009

Actual Reporting from Honduras

Despite rumors to the contrary, the blogs actually DO provide news reports.

Here's a telling snip from Honduras Abandoned.

Number of Protesters for the New Government:

Tegucigalpa - 55,000
Choluteca - 25,000
San Pedro Sula - 50,000

Number of Protesters against the New Government:

Tegucigalpa - 3,000

Take that and stuff it, AssPress.

HT: The Winning McCain


Deekaman said...

But the AssPress is also against the new government, so of course they report that way.

Shoebox said...

Yes, but even if there were only 2 people protesting the new government, the press would cover it as if it was the majority. Remember when fighting for their viewpoint 1 is 1,000 to the press.