Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sotomayor--Racist and Unhinged, Too!

The nominee's racism has already been discussed. Even Obamunists will not attempt to defend her 'Latina women are better judges than white men' comment.

But there's even more.

Sonia Sotomayor is an advocate of allowing felons to vote.

...their [sic] really is no other way to describe Sotomayor's dissenting opinion in Hayden v. Pataki, a case brought by inmates in New York State under the federal Voting Rights Act.

The inmates were suing the State of New York for the right to vote, alleging New York's prohibition of felon voting was discriminatory based on race and ethnicity. Sotomayor sided with the inmates in a four-paragraph long opinion, holding that the Voting Rights Act prohibited states from disenfranchising felons because the majority are black, Hispanic, and other minorities.

INMATES, not 'have-served-were-released' criminals. INMATES!!

But even if they were not inmates, there is the 14th Amendment...


illusory tenant said...


"First, her legal reasoning – that Congress can trump the Constitution by statute – if that's what we must call it, is highly uninformed."

Except that isn't what she — or anybody — said.

"Second, Sotomayor only took four paragraphs to elucidate her opinion."

No, she took four paragraphs "only to emphasize one point." She joined B.D. Parker Jr.'s* dissent, which runs 32 pages and includes the following unequivocal statement:

"No one disputes that states have the right to disenfranchise felons: § 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment makes that clear."

But that isn't what this case is about.

Why don't you try reading it yourself?

Here: Hayden v. Pataki (.pdf; 103 pgs.)

In the meantime, congratulations on locating the most idiotic criticism of Sotomayor yet.

* A Bush 43 appointee: also "unhinged"?

rightcal said...

Good Lord...and Jeff Sessions & Co. aren't making an issue of any of this?!