Tuesday, June 02, 2009

JFC in the Schoolhouse Door at St Anthony's, Messmer

Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas, ordered the National Guard to keep children out of Little Rock HS.
The Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee is a little more subtle, simply piling regulatory requirements on Milwaukee area Choice schools while reducing the available moneys
Unlike Howard Fuller, who will benefit from the latest undie-twist from JFC, Brother Bob Smith of Messmer does NOT approve.
...private schools in the MPCP make an enormous and positive contribution to the community and that the net result of the proposed changes will constrain greatly their ability to do so. The pending changes are a step back, not forward. If the proposed funding cut the first year, and a freeze the second year is adopted for institutions participating, schools in this program will be asked to do more with even less funding.
With respect to poorly performing schools, there is a track record that needs to be told in terms of measures now in place that have produced, and will continue to produce, real accountability. Those measures can be strengthened without placing an unnecessary burden on quality schools. The burden of insuring that ‘bad’ schools not enter the program should not be something placed on the schools that are already operating well. There also is NO room for interfering with religious schools and their missions....

The approved language {number 22} from Joint Finance includes things that we didn’t even know were on the table like funding cuts and the authority to DPI to “create emergency rules even if there is no emergency.”

Perhaps we will be advised to continue our silence. That no longer is an option for us at Messmer
--email to Charlie Sykes
As Brother Bob points out, JFC's language punishes the good schools for what the bad schools are doing--no different from the regnant State laws on Concealed Carry.
Messmer was saved from Weakland-imposed death by a CONSERVATIVE, Harry John. It was saved, again, from Jim Doyle's machinations by a bunch of CONSERVATIVES led by Charlie Sykes.
Only the Lefties try to kill Messmer, folks.
UPDATE: They're trying to kill St Anthony's, too!!! HT: McIlheran
“Choice program — Bilingual education. Require a choice school with an enrollment of more than 10% limited-English proficient pupils to have a bilingual-bicultural education program, beginning in the 2010-11 school year.”
Lemmesee, heah, Duke. IIRC, the Spanish goes something like this:
"La Revolucion, bene!!"
Or kinda like that.

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David said...

Interesting that Colon is willing to sell out over 1000 of his constituents and their families at St Anthony.