Friday, June 19, 2009

Roeder's Favorite Court

Roeder kills "Tiller the Killer."

And a 4th Amendment ruling in a Kansas Appeals Court might have helped him.

About 13 years ago Roeder was under suspicion due to his "Freemen" association and a rise in activity by that bunch of wackos. This led to an arrest, which led to discovery of all sorts of interesting gizmos in his (unlicensed) car--like wires, blasting caps, batteries, gunpowder, a rifle and ammo, and a copy of "The Underground Cookbook".

You know. The kind of stuff everybody keeps handy in their car-trunk, just in case.

On behalf of the state, Brown argued in his brief to the appeals court that the law enforcement officers’ action was reasonable and justified. “For this court to require law enforcement officers to leave a vehicle without license tags or insurance, whose ownership is unknown, in a private parking lot or on a public street on the word of one who claims ownership but cannot furnish evidence of the same is so unreasonable as to be ridiculous,” Brown wrote.

A three-judge panel of the appeal’s court--the late Kaye Royse, Jerry G. Elliott and Barry A. Bennington—agreed with Roeder.

That was on Christmas Eve; certainly ironic timing, in retrospect.

There's more at the link...

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