Friday, June 19, 2009

Flagrant Theft of Your Money--Indian Health Services

It's been known for years that the Bureau of Indian Affairs is a cancer within the Federal budget.

Now we have "Son of BIA."

...a Government Accountability Office audit released the previous June concluded that mismanagement of the IHS had allowed $15.8 million worth of equipment to be lost or stolen between 2004 and 2007.

'Salright. They got another $85 million in Porkulus JUST FOR 'health technology' stuff.

Some of the "lost/stolen" stuff isn't too easy to put in your pocket, either.

We analyzed IHS reports from fiscal year 2004 through fiscal year 2007 and identified over 5,000 lost or stolen property items, worth approximately $15.8 million,” GAO revealed in a June 2008 report presented to Congress. “These items included all-terrain vehicles, tractors, and pickup trucks worth around $6 million; and 'Jaws of Life' equipment worth over $20,000.”

The GAO found that the service purchased a great deal of IT equipment and had a difficult time keeping track of it both at their headquarters and at field offices.

“Of the 3,155 pieces of IT equipment that were on the books at IHS headquarters in 2007, 1,140 items, or about 36 percent, were lost, stolen, or unaccounted for,” said GAO’s June 2008 report. “These missing items, valued at about $2 million, include computers, computer servers, video projectors, and digital cameras. According to IHS records, 64 of the items we identified as lost or stolen during our physical inventory were ‘new’ in April 2007."

Can't wait for ObamaCare. I need a new pickup truck, and a couple of new servers...

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